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Rochester Woodcarvers

Rochester, MN

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Club Officers

Our club could not operate without our extended group of dedicated volunteers who all deliver their efforts for benefit of the group.

Current Club Officers - 2017 to 2018
President: None
Vice President: None
Treasurer: Mike Snyder
Secretary: Theresa Leko
Board Members:
  Bob Nowicki, Brent Roller, John Young, and Tom Paska

Other Club Positions

2018 Annual Show Co-chairs: Chuck and Bev Stupca
Librarian: Steve and Lori Murray
Coffee and Donuts: Bob Nowicki
Club Photographer: Tom Severson
Web Editor: Tom Severson
Community Education Coordinator: (Looking for a volunteer to lead this...)
Festival of Trees Project Planning Coordinator: Laurie Reed

Club Classes Planning Committee: John Rownd, Terry Johnson, Bev Stupca, Chuck Stupca, Cheryl Jones, and Laurie Reed

Club Officers - 2016 to 2017
John Young
Vice President:
Rich Garrett
Steve Thalacker
Theresa Leko
Board Members:
LaVerne Schettl, Bob Nowicki and Brent Roller

Club Officers - 2015 to 2016
Nick Poleschuk
Vice President:
John Young
Steve Thalacker
Theresa Leko
Board Members:
LaVerne Schettl, Rich Garrett and Bob Nowicki

Club Officers - 2014 to 2015

President: John Rownd
Vice President: Nick Poleschuk
Treasurer: Steve Thalacker
Secretary: Angie Ziemetz
Board Members:
Tim Melin, John Young and LaVerne Schettl

History of club presidents:
1976-1976 Michael Resman
1976-1981 Norman Wilson
1981-1983 Del Schoonover
1983-1985 George Jones
1985-1987 Tom Pike
1987-1989 Ev Ellenwood
1989-1991 Tom Paska
1991-1993 Erling Burns
1993-1995 Bob Nowicki
1995-1997 Ron Bymers
1997-1999 Millard Vitse
1999-2001 Bob Kittley
2001-2003 Paul Glowacki
2003-2005 Trent Busch
2005-2007 Wayne Hendrickson

2007-2009 Randy Kinnick
2009-2011 Laurie Reed
2011-2013 Mike Snyder
2013-2014 Chuck Johnson
2014-2015 John Rownd
2015-2016 Nick Poleschuk
2016-2017 John Young