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Club meetings are usually scheduled on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 9:00am to 11:00am with exceptions noted on the meeting announcement.

Zumbro Lutheran Church - Fireside Room
624 3rd Ave SW
Rochester, MN 55902
Click here for a map to the meeting location

Annual Dues for club members are $10 per family/mailing address.

Visitors are always welcome!

Here are some additional photos to help you find the "Fireside Room" - the location for our meetings:

You can park in the north parking lot and enter the Main Level entrance to find the stairs or elevator to go down one level to the Middle Level where the Fireside Room is located. You can also park along the west side of the building (where allowed) and enter the doors on the west side to find the Middle Level where the Fireside Room is located. You can also park south of the building (where allowed) and enter the doors on the south side to find the Middle Level where the Fireside Room is located.

Here is the path for entering the main entrance from the north side and using the stairs or elevator to go down one level to the Middle Level where the Fireside Room is located.

The west side of the building.

The west side entry doors.

The south side entry doors.

Here is the path for entering the Middle Level where the Fireside Room is located from the west or south doors.

The Fireside Room looks something like this!

Chairs and tables in the Fireside Room:

2017-2018 Monthly Meeting Program Topics

September 16 - Videos about the Geisler-Moroder Austrian Woodcarving School as selected by Tom Pike
Join us at our next Rochester Woodcarvers Monthly Club meeting when we will be playing a video on the Geisler-Moroder Austrian Woodcarving School. Some of our club members have had the opportunity to study and carve at this school. Club member Tom Pike will show the video and describe his experiences carving there. Others who have attended the school are invited to add to the conversation! Check out the details about this school at: A huge thanks to Tom Pike for helping us prepare this presentation!

October 21 - The Eye of the Beholder by Jim Krom
My presentation will start with a short slide presentation followed by a participatory approach to understanding and considering design in your artwork. While the presentation will start with some examples, my main objective is to talk with the carvers about design in a way that moves beyond rules to apply and towards an understanding of design being a tool for the artists. I will be using audience participation in some different ways to anchor the concepts in. I know I will have fun, I hope everyone else will too! Questions and answers randomly taken along the way.

About Jim Krom: Turned 52 October 15th, drawing since I could skip recess to go the art room in 1st grade. Paid for last two years of college with art jobs illustrating chancellors physiology text, mural work, painting sales to leaf raking the yard of the art history teachers yard.  Started in art after college selling prints to galleries around the country.  Ongoing exhibits.  Married in 1991 unfortunately divorced in 2007.  Have a great son, Ian, who is a junior at Schaeffer Academy.  Started my gallery in the Marriott hotel in the subway over 20 years ago. Now carry the works of between 65 and 70 artists with the majority in the upper midwest.  Love what I am doing and just wish there was more time for all of it. (most the time :+))

November 18 - Building the Vasa Model and other Carvings by Clayton Johnson
Clayton will describe his 7.5 year project to scratch build a 1:50 scale miniature of the 17th century Swedish Warship Vasa, and then show you the majority of the rest of his work.

Clayton was born in September of 1979 at the Portsmouth Naval hospital in the U.S. state of Virginia to a stay at home mother and a father who was an enlisted man in the U.S. Navy at the time. When I was very young my father was discharged from the service and they moved back to my mother's hometown of Wrenshall, in northern Minnesota, near Duluth. My grandfather (fathers dad) was in the U.S. Navy as well, so there were always books laying around that were nautical in nature. One of these books was a compilation of nautically related National Geographic articles and one of the articles was on the Swedish warship Vasa.

My parents had two more children (both girls) and started something of a hobby farm (even though they took it very seriously)  near Wrenshall. They farmed partially in a very old fashioned way; with draft horses and turn of the 19th to 20th century or older farm equipment. (kind of like how Amish live) All the while my father held down a job as a boiler operator/mechanic at a nearby waste water treatment facility. Most times we basically had nothing in terms of money, largely because of my parents heavy investments in their farm. One thing that my parents did teach me, however, was how to work, even though I always thought that some of the things that they chose to put their efforts into were quite low in benefit return considering the incredibly physically hard work and massive amounts of time involved.

I received my high school education at Wrenshall High School. It was a very small institution where grades K-12 were in the same basic building, and average class size was something around 25 to 35 students. During my senior year I elected to use the PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Option) which was (maybe it still exists) an option for motivated high school students to go to college early on the states dime. For this I went to a local community college in a nearby town called Cloquet. (FDLTCC)

While I was at the community college I got involved in work study with the environmental department. This eventually led to a regular Federal job as a Soil Conservationist Trainee with the USDA-NRCS for a summer. While still attending the community college, and at age 19, I ended up landing a $25,000 scholarship agreement with the USDA-NRCS that would pay for the rest of my school if I focused my studies on soil science, and which guaranteed me a job with the Federal government in soil survey (one of the natural resources inventory branches of the USDA-NRCS) when I was done with school for as many years as they paid for my school.

Even though I was only 19 at the time, I saw it as an incredibly good deal. Especially considering that I did not come from a family with means. I saw it as an opportunity that I would probably never see the likes of again, so I happily took it. At about the same time my father was getting very ill and so I also saw that I needed to reduce my dependence on my family as much and as soon as possible. Further, I found this field of study more and more interesting as I got into it.

I continued at the community college in Cloquet until most of my generals were complete and I had received an Associates in Science degree in 2000.

While at the University of Minnesota I met my future wife Amy in an elective class that neither of us really needed to take, and our relationship started partially because of the prodding of a sorority girl (I was, I admit, in a frat; Amy was not involved directly in that scene) that thought we should date. I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2002, earning an environmental science degree with a minor in soils.

I started my work as a mapper in St. Louis County, Minnesota (out of an office in Duluth) and continued that work for 5 years. It was very interesting, but both mentally and physically challenging due to the fact that in that job one is required to get into places in the woods that not many people go to, and make decisions based on landforms, geology, and soils at the same time.  I married Amy in 2004 and we have been together since. While we lived in Duluth Amy successfully pursued a career as a Surgical Technician, a profession in which she still works.  In late 2007 I got promoted to project leader in Pine County, Minnesota. I spent about two years in Pine and all the while was amazed at the geological variability in the surficial glacial deposits there. It is an area of a little less than 1 million acres (which is small compared to the approx. 5 million of St. Louis) and contains examples of most glacial landforms that can be found in northern Minnesota. While Pine was interesting, there wasn't much there for people/industry etc. and Amy had a hard time finding employment. So, in 2010 I applied for an MLRA leader job (Major Land Resource Area) in Albert Lea, Minnesota. This was another promotion and a job that I would likely have in that location for a long, long time (if not the rest of my career).

Besides my exploits in my career, another set of achievements that I have been very proud of are my hobbies. In 2005 I began work on a miniature representation of the Swedish warship Vasa. This project lasted until August of 2012 and has received the praise of the Director of Research at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden as the "most accurate in the world". It has been displayed at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis and Gustavus Adolphus college in St. Peter, Minnesota. Some preliminary talk has occurred on the subject of displaying it at the Vasa museum.

Because of my Vasa project, I found I could carve sculpture in wood and have completed some large pieces. Some of them include a couple of half to full scale Vasa sculputures, a sculpture of the warhorse of Gustavus Adolphus, some necklace pendants, decorative spoons and others.
I have found that I also enjoy building historic firearms. My first was a British Baker rifle, which was the first government issued military rifle in history, and used by the British army from 1800 until the late 1830's. Another that I have done is a matchlock musket that I built after one from Vasa and carved my own stock for.

All of these items can be seen on this site -
In December of 2012 my son Magnus was born (he has been a very pleasant surprise). He is very curious, and seems to be cut of the same cloth as I am.

December 16 - Christmas party

January 20 - The Glorious Grinling Gibbons - Carved with Love - a video
Come to this meeting and watch a video on Grinling Gibbons (4 April 1648 – 3 August 1721) who was a Dutch-British sculptor and wood carver known for his work in England, including Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral and other London churches, Petworth House and other country houses, Trinity College Oxford and Trinity College Cambridge.

February 17 - How to Capture Anything from Great Danes to Grandchildren in Wood! - Converting photos into patterns that you can use by Mike Snyder
The main discussion will be on making patterns for relief carving, wood burning and fret work.  Various techniques and tools will be covered, mainly using photo manipulation software.  While there is no magic formula that can work on everything, there are basic approaches that are frequently useful.  The presentation will also touch on pattern making ideas for carving in the round, marquetry & intarsia.

In seventh grade Mike did his first painting on a grocery store window.  Half a century later he was finally comfortable acknowledging he had some artistic skill.  Mike started unusual pumpkin carving 25 years ago.  Ten years later he was carving images of people.  Since then, he has converted photos to patterns that have ended up in various media – from watermelons to candles and even rocks.

March 17 - No club meeting because of Annual Show

April 21 - Epilog Laser Products - Virgil Petrie

May 19 - Perspective by Ev Ellenwood

June 16 - Annual Picnic

July 21 - Carve-in - carving at the meeting

August 18 - Carve-in - carving at the meeting

September 15 - History of Woodcarving by Ev Ellenwood

About our club meetings

The purpose of the Rochester Woodcarvers club is to provide opportunities and activities that will help members and others get more enjoyment out of their woodcarving hobby. The Rochester Woodcarvers club was formed in early 1976. 

Meetings are on the 3rd Saturday of selected months 9:00am to 11:00am (* some exceptions...). Many members arrive early so they can browse through the club's extensive carving book library, check out those of interest, have coffee and doughnuts, and visit.

Meetings begin with a short informal business meeting for discussion of the club activities and plans. This is followed by "show and tell" where carvings recently completed by members and guests are displayed. Following a short break, we start the main program, which is often a talk and/or demonstration by a guest speaker or club member. This is a friendly group of men and women who can help you in many ways to improve your carving skills and have fun doing it.

Meetings are held in the
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 6 Business & Training Center at 1470 Industrial Dr NW. We are not affiliated with the union, but they have allowed our club to meet there.

In addition to the regular meetings, the club is involved in many other community activities including: beginners classes, drop in carving, and other classes offered through Community Education, county fair exhibits and demonstrations, woodcarving show in the spring, woodcarver's tree for the Festival of Trees, etc.

If you are interested in woodcarving, consider joining the Rochester Woodcarvers. Dues for a year are $10.00 per mailing address. As a member, you'll receive timely and appropriate emails and a membership list. The emails help to keep members informed of club activities, woodcarving events and opportunities outside of Rochester, tips, etc. As a member you can get help with: finding tools, sharpening tools, finding wood, and obtaining patterns. You can check out books from our library, learn techniques to finish your carvings, and more.

The Rochester Woodcarvers Club started in February 1976 as a result of the efforts of Michael Resman, an Occupational Therapist working with the Rochester School System.

Rochester Woodcarvers Constitution and Bylaws

Our club constitution and bylaws can be found at the following link: (Current Constitution and Bylaws link will be added later)

Prior Year meeting topics

2016-2017 Monthly Meeting Program Topics

September 17 - Building Fine Guitars by Hand by Michael Keller
I'll bring some samples of very rare guitar makers woods and show them one at a time describing what they are used for. Samples of shell inlay materials used are also shown and described. A few handmade tools are shown and described. A brief overview of the building process is given from start to finish. A very fine handmade guitar is also brought and shown. I'll bring two photo books full of guitars that I have built and pass them around for people to look at while I talk.

Hi, I am Michael Keller. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I began building guitars in 1975 under the guidance of world famous guitar maker Jeffery Elliott. I spent three years learning from him before I moved to Minnesota with my wife. In 1980, I opened a shop in the Rochester area and began building guitars and doing repairs and restoration of string instruments. For many years I was doing some of Rochester's school district instrument repairs. I have been showing my guitars at major exhibitions and museums all across the United States since 1976. Recently did a show of my work at the McNally College of Music in Saint Paul, Minnesota. My guitars have been featured in many music publications and magazines and on national public television and radio. I occasionally will take apprentices wishing to study guitar making. Check out Michael's web page at:

October 15 - Automata: Woodwork that Moves by Cecilia Schiller
Cecilia Schiller will present a brief history of her progression from theater artist and woodcarver to maker of automata, interactive mechanized artwork in wood. Her talk will include a slide show as well as present samples of prototypes and finished pieces that participants can try out.  Additionally she will provide resources for anyone interested in experimenting with automata.

Sculptor and woodcarver Cecilia Schiller has been carving wood for over twenty years and creating interactive mechanical sculptures (or automata) since 2008.
Her colorful and often whimsical work might manifest as a small intimate sculpture that fits on a tabletop or a large permanent public art installation.  All are brought to life with the turn of a crank, arousing the curiosity and imagination of viewers young and old.  Cecilia has been recognized with awards and grants for her work.  She was recently awarded a commission to create installations for two sites along Shingle Creek in Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park.  These interactive sculptures will also aerate creek water to improve water quality in the creek. Check out Cecilia's web page at:

November 19 - Figure, caricature and in-the-round carving using EZboard (high-density urethane) by Marty Leenhouts
I will provide information about EZboard, give a demonstration and explain finishing techniques showing why EZboard is a great product for any style of carving. Two club members will also demonstrate.

Marty Leenhouts is a trained teacher and professional chip carver with over 30 years of experience. He has taught thousands to successfully chip carve and his lessons have been viewed over 2 million times. (, He and his wife also own and operate Red Barn Retreats (, where he teaches chip carving classes and quilters, scrapbookers, family groups, weddings, and others gather for various retreat events.

December 17 - Annual Christmas Party - Special start time at 9:30am - CANCELLED BY WINTER STORM...
Join us for our annual Christmas party where we invite our spouse, family, friends and neighbors to share our interest in woodcarving and great holiday food! Bring your favorite holiday potluck treat to share with others - beverages, plates, utensils and napkins will be provided. We will start the party with games and prizes at 9:30am and follow that with some spectacular "taste testing"! Please invite your spouse, family, friends and neighbors - visitors are always welcome! Remember to bring your "Show and Tell" items.

January 21 - The Art of a Kubbestol by Steve Speltz
I'll describe the process of making a kubbestol (a traditional Scandinavian chair made from a log) through cutting the tree down, removing the bark, hollowing it out and rough shaping it to where it can be dried. There will also be a little history lesson as well.
I’ve been owner and operator of Custom Hardwoods where my wife and I have been designing and building cabinets and furniture since 1984. My motivation to carve came from a desire to make some of my furniture look better. I’ve been carving for more than 25 years in some form. My training in carving includes classes with Philip Odden and Elsa Bigton, the Vesterheim Museum and life experiences. After six years of competing at Vesterheim's "The National Exhibition of Folk Art in the Norwegian Tradition", I was able to obtain a gold medal! Chairs are furniture too, but a chair from a log, wow, what a challenge! To date, I’ve roughed out about 20 chairs. I lost one to a crack, hence only part of the challenge. Check out Steve's web site at:

For those who will be inspired by Steve's presentation, you can enroll in a class to create your own kubbestol! Check out all the details for the Vesterheim class at:

February 18 - Woodcarving Carve-In for Christmas Tree Ornaments
Join us for a Woodcarving Carve-In where we will bring our tools and Christmas Tree Ornaments to get a head start on this year's Festival of Trees project. As time flies and we all get busy during the summer and fall with "outside" things, let's think about Christmas Tree Ornaments and get started now! Bring your ornament blanks and unfinished ornaments to the meeting and make some progress... If you have some blanks to share with others unable to cut out their own blanks, that would be great! See you there!

March 18 - Introduction to CNC guided router machining by Mark Jeanson
Local expert Mark Jeanson will visit to tell us about his experiences using a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine for working with wood. Mark will talk about:
* What is CNC? (Hardware and Software)
* High level description of the process
* Pros and Cons of CNC routers and like machines
* Uses of standard routing machines (2D, 3D carving projects and joinery)
* Summary and Q&A

Mark Jeanson has been involved in wood working for most of his life. As a child his father radial arm saw was his first tool
that he used to cut, mill, and turn his projects on.  As a boy scout he discovered whittling and carving to embellish his projects that
lead to a life time goal of learning the craft of wood working. His projects over the years have been as small  as wooden snow flakes to a 75 foot long cruise ship for a Mayo graduation party. In his day he is a an engineer at IBM for the last 36 years. In those years he was in manufacturing assembly and test, development team lead for the super computer BlueGene, and currently a consultant to the labs on design for manufacturability. Off hours he runs a small shop as a wood joiner where he uses and teaches the use of hand and power tools. A couple years back he supplemented his shop with a CNC router to aid in his wood joinery.

April 15 - Video of our Rochester Woodcarvers Annual Show by Edward "Mike" Wick
Join us at our next Rochester Woodcarvers Monthly Club meeting to have a group viewing of a wonderful video documenting our annual woodcarving show prepared by club friend Edward "Mike" Wick! Mike attended our show on Saturday and took many photos of carvings and our carvers/visitors. Taking all this work back home, Mike created an extended video showing people what our show is all about using great music and some creative Photoshop editing of selected subjects - all for fun! The video highlights the Norwegian styles of woodcarving seen at the show but don't worry, if you don't carve Norwegian, there is still plenty of coverage for all the other styles on display at the show! We'll have a regular club business meeting, coffee and donut holes, "Show and Tell", followed by a break. The meeting will resume with a showing of Mike's video and a review of coverage by the Rochester Post Bulletin and FOX47-TV!

May 20 - History of Carving Pipestone
Club member Tom Pike helped out with a last minute speaker change and brought a video of the history and carving techniques of pipestone. In addition, Tom brought several examples of pipestone in its orginal format and some carved and finished projects. Thanks Tom!

June 17 - Club Potluck Picnic - at LaVerne Schettl's home - Shady Tree Farm, Oronoco, MN

Special Start Time
10:00am to 1:00pm
Special Start Time

It's time for our Annual Summer Club Potluck Picnic and this year, LaVerne Schettl has offered to host the club event at her house!

Bring your own chairs (and folding table if you'd like one...)

Directions to LaVerne's house:
  1. From Hwy 52 north (from Rochester) take the Oronoco exit #64 (West County 12) and turn left.
  2. Drive past the Casey's and turn right (north) onto Lake Shady Ave. S.
  3. Drive north to Center Street West (second turn after Tilly's) and turn left.
  4. Follow Center St. W until you reach a T and then turn right.
  5. Continue on the gravel road until it curves left which will be 117th St NW.
  6. LaVerne's house will come up on the right soon after the curve.
  7. 6535 117th St.

Click here for a map to LaVerne's home.

What to bring:
Potluck meal - bring your favorite food item to share
The club will provide:
     * grills and supplies for cooking
     * hamburgers and hamburger buns
     * hot dogs or bratwursts and buns
     * ketchup, mustard, relish, pickles
     * paper plates, plastic forks/spoons/knives, napkins, drinking cups
No library during picnic
Show and tell will be available
Bring your own lawn chairs and folding/card tables if you can
Bring your Bocce Balls, Bean bag toss, (lawn darts will be considered/restricted :-)

July 15 - Carving Realistic Human Eyes by Ev Ellenwood
When carving human faces, eyes are one of the first focal points of the carving. However, carving realistic eyes can be one of the most challenging parts of the face. Ev Ellenwood has been carving for over 50 years and specializes in carving human faces. Over the years Ev has developed a technique to carve realistic eyes which he has taught to many carvers. At our May meeting Ev will take you step-by-step on how he carves Realistic Human Eyes.

Everett Ellenwood is award winning carver and former president of our Rochester Club. For many years he did commision carving and restoration carving. He is a nationally known instructor for over 30 years and has produced two very popular DVD's; Beginning Woodcarving and Sharpening Simplified. He has also written two best selling books:The Complete Book of Woodcarving (which has been translated into Chinese, German and Russian) and Woodcarving Techniques & Projects For The First-Time Carver. Ev also has articles published in Woodcarving Magazine, Woodcarving Illustrated and Chip Chats along with the UKs Woodcarving Magazine.

August 19 - Introduction to Scroll Saw by NorthStar Scrollers Club
Join us at our next Rochester Woodcarvers Monthly Club meeting when we will be playing the NorthStar Scrollers Documentary Video.

The NorthStar Scrollers Club is an eight year old club working to develop an interest and increase knowledge in scroll sawing, such as intarsia, fretwork, marquetry, pyrography and crafts.


The video introduces these arts and then the 3 founding fathers talk about how the club came to be.Some of the members discuss how they have interacted with the club and how it has encouraged and improved their projects.  Samples of scroll sawing permeate the story. There is also a segment about the non-profit TLC Toys that the club helps cut toys for.


You already know some of the NorthStar club members like: ‘Swede’ Bengtson, Denny Schuster, Matt Zarling and Nick Poleschuk. They welcome you to visit their meetings in Bloomington, MN. Find additional information about the NorthStar Scrollers at:

2015-2016 Monthly Meeting Program Topics

September 19 - Hiawatha Homes Foundation & The Festival of Trees - A Celebration of Giving by Crystal Landherr
The Rochester Woodcarvers Club has supported Hiawatha Homes Foundation through the Festival of Trees for many years. Let's take a look at Hiawatha Homes over the years and how that funding helps individuals living with disabilities in our community. In addition, we'll preview all the fun planned for the 2015 Festival of Trees!

October 17 - Vacuum Clamping by Timothy Roseth of the Woodcraft Store in Bloomington, MN
Using a vacuum press is the most efficient method of veneering flat and curved panels and making bent laminations. I’ll explain and demonstrates how the vacuum press works; how to use it for veneering, the tools required, wood bending and clamping; common problems and maintenance of the equipment. Timothy Roseth is the owner of Woodcraft in Bloomington, MN. He is experienced in a wide variety of woodworking, including cabinetmaking, furniture making, turning, carving, boat building, and guitar repair and refinishing. He apprenticed in arts and crafts and modern furniture making.

Timothy Roseth
9125 Lyndale Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55420
(952) 884-3634

November 21 - Turning basswood and butternut trees into carving material by John Krantz
Basswood and butternut is wonderful in Minnesota - where, how much, harvesting techniques, transportation, types of sawmills, sawing and drying methods, natural and manual defects, and specialty products including walking sticks. The presentation is designed to give the DIY person hints on producing a quality product. John will bring some wood items to show including examples of end sealing wood, laminated panels, lumber sections showing proper sawing methods, and a kiln dried block of dark basswood. John was a DNR Forest Products Forester for 34 years working with the wood industry in Minnesota. Vietnam veteran. Retired in 2001. Expanded business of Krantz Wood Sales. Now looking forward to retiring again!

John Krantz
16748 Stanford St NE
Forest Lake, MN 55025
(651) 464-5632

December 19 - Christmas Party
8:30am - arrival time
9:00am - Bob Nowicki on the "History of Santas"
9:30am - potluck meal begins

Join us for this annual favorite event where club members (and visitors if interested) bring their favorite Christmas foods to share and celebrate the holiday season. Please invite your spouse, family, friends and neighbors - visitors are always welcome! Remember to bring your "Show and Tell" items. The club's library will be closed during the December meeting.

January 16 - Carving Meeting - Join us at our next Rochester Woodcarvers monthly club meeting and get some CARVING done! Bring your tools and projects and set up to make some chips! This would be a great opportunity to start carving Christmas ornaments for our next Festival of Trees project - any type of ornament would be great! The doors will be open by 8:00am to start carving, our meeting will start at 9:00am for some business discussion and "Show and Tell" and then we'll get right back to carving! If you need some ornament ideas, we'll have a limited number of blanks available to help you get started. See you there!

February 20 - Carl Beckendorf speaking on antler carving
Join us at our next Rochester Woodcarvers monthly club meeting to hear Carl Beckendorf tell us all about his experience in carving antlers. He will bring several examples of uncarved antlers, the tools he uses to carve them, how he designs a pattern unique for each antler, tell us how he carves them, finishes them and displays them. See you there!

March 19 - No monthly club meeting in March as our annual show is scheduled for this weekend

April 16 - Carving Letters - Layout & Technique by Marty Leenhouts
I'll demonstrate how to quickly and easily layout your text, transfer it to wood, carve and finish your project.
Marty Leenhouts is a trained teacher and professional chip carver with over 30 years of experience. He has taught thousands to successfully chip carve and his lessons have been viewed over 1.5 million times. (, He and his wife also own and operate Red Barn Retreats (, where he teaches chip carving classes and quilters, scrapbookers, family groups, weddings, and others gather for various retreat events.

May 21 - Carving To Preserve The Past by Dick Krom
Local woodcarver Dick Krom will talk about his start as a carver and his extensive work on the restoration of "Rare American Victorian Furniture. In addition to the presentation, Dick will bring a few smaller examples of his work for display and reference. I have been a woodcarver for about 50 years. I was initially inspired by working with leather tooling which led to a desire to produce decorative work in a more three dimensional form. During an early vacation to the Black Hills we toured a Stave Church and I was inspired by the massive old world style carvings. I checked out the only two books the library had on woodcarving and ordered a set of 12 chisels from Germany. My first work was a carved panel for the altar at our church. I was hooked!! Over the years I refined my skills and gradually moved into the realm of restoring very rare “High Style American Victorian” antique furniture. I have worked extensively on these treasures from the past, doing work for many collectors, dealers, auction houses and a few museums. I have had the honor of restoring a great many remarkable pieces including the only existing mate to the famous “Lincoln Bed” in the White House.

June 18 - Club Picnic - outside at Orononco Park in Oronoco, MN - 10:00am to 2:00pm - Note the special location and start time! Note: those driving from Rochester, MN will likely use Highway 52 North, take the exit for County Road 12/112/100th St NW, proceed East and follow 2nd Avenue SE into Oronoco. You might want to study the map to orient yourself with this park location. For this special location meeting, we'll meet at the Oronoco Park in Oronoco, MN for an outdoor picnic! The Rochester Woodcarvers Club Officers & Board of Directors will be providing and grilling hamburgers and bratwursts (including the buns...) Everyone else should bring something to share and make this a "pot-luck" picnic. Note this is a special start time and we'll plan to eat lunch about noon. Feel free to come early to visit and stay late to talk! Please invite your spouse, family, friends and neighbors - visitors are always welcome! Remember to bring your "Show and Tell" items! There will be NO library at the park so save your books to exchange for the July meeting.

July 16 - "Carve-In" during the meeting and then members are invited to move to the Living History Fair in costume to continue carving - Join us at our next Rochester Woodcarvers monthly club meeting and get some CARVING done! Bring your tools and projects and set up to make some chips! This would be a great opportunity to start carving Christmas ornaments for our next Festival of Trees project - any type of ornament would be great! The doors will be open by 8:00am to start carving, our meeting will start at 9:00am for some business discussions and "Show and Tell" and then we'll get right back to carving!

Mike Snyder would appreciate some help carving some very simple figures to be used in a puzzle at the Living History Fair.  He will bring some wood that can be carved at the meeting or during the fair. See Mike at the meeting!

See you there!

ALSO, here is a special opportunity!

This weekend, July 16th and 17th, is the Living History Fair at the History Center of Olmsted County.  Please consider joining some of your fellow woodcarvers at the fair in demonstrating woodcarving of the 1860's.   

Here is a summary of how the fair works.  We will be assigned a tent on the grounds of the History Center to show samples of our work, plus demonstrate woodcarving.  Woodcarvers bring projects to work on that may be reflective of projects of the time.  Possible projects are bowls, spoons, figurines, animals, walking sticks, etc.  We demonstrate woodcarving to the visitors and talk about our projects.  We are encouraged to dress in clothing from that era, if possible.  For example, women could wear blouses and skirts and men could wear jeans and a flannel or collared shirt. 
 A woodcarver can choose the length of his or her shift.  Some people stay the whole day while others stay for an hour or two.  

Thanks to those woodcarvers who have already signed up to volunteer!  We could use a few more volunteers. 

Here are the shifts:

July 16, 2016 - Saturday - Living History Fair
10:00 - Noon 
Noon - 2:00 p.m. 
2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
4:00 - 6:00 p.m. 

July 17, 2016 - Sunday - Living History Fair
9:00 - 11:00 a.m. 
11:00 - 1:00 p.m. 
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

For more information about the Living History Fair, please check out the History Center's website:

August 20 - The Art of Woodburning by Bob Thon
Bob will bring examples of woodburnings and talk about what it takes to get started in woodburning. Discussion will include woodburners and accessories. ( I will have examples and reviews.)
Materials to burn on. (such as wood, leather, paper etc.) How to get the pattern on the wood. Where to get ideas to burn. Pros and cons of burning. Software available for resizing pictures or patterns. Books available. (I will have many to look at.) Proper lighting. How to do shading. How to take pictures and use them as patterns. Time to answer questions.

I am from Hudson Wisconsin. I started woodburning in 1995. I have sold woodburnings and  demonstrated how to woodburn at woodcarving shows and arts and crafts shows. I have taught classes at various woodcarving clubs. I teach woodburning at Thunder Willow Arts and Crafts in Hudson, Wi. I have been a Nibs Burner distributor for many years prior to the closing of Nibs Burner last year. Since my retirement in 2010 my focus has been on teaching folks how to woodburn. Check out Bob's web page at:

2014-2015 Monthly Meeting Program Topics

September 20 - How to get a razor edge on your carving tools by Ev Ellenwood
Use a dull tool - the wood will control you, Use a sharp tool - you control the wood
Sharp carving tools will easily flow through wood leaving a smooth shiny surface where they cut.
In this presentation I will talk about the pros and cons of various sharpening stones, then demonstrate how I sharpen:
- Carving Knives
- Chisels
- Gouges
- "V" Tools
- Micro tools

I will then end the session with a special offer...

Ev has been woodcarving for about 50 years, and has been sharing his knowledge as a carving instructor and author for over 30 years. He is an award winning career who enjoys many styles of carving but specializes in carving realistic human faces. Some of his carvings have won "Best of Show" awards with many of his carvings being published in Chip Chats Magazine, Woodcarving Illustrated and Carving Magazine. For a number of years he did commission carving and restoration carving. He has many items throughout the United States and some foreign countries. He has created and produced two very popular videos; "Sharpening Simplified" and "Beginning Woodcarving", both of which are in countries all around the world. He has also written two books which are published by Fox Chapel Publishing. His 275 page book "The Complete Book of Woodcarving" is in its 6th printing and has recently been translated into Chinese. His "Kids Craft Woodcarving" which has been translated into German, has now been expanded and renamed "Woodcarving Techniques & Projects For The First Time Carver. Ev has also written a number of articles for Carving Magazine and Woodcarving Illustrated. Ev now travels throughout the United States teaching and giving seminars on carving and sharpening.

October 18 - Selling Techniques by Carol "Swede" Bengtson
My discussion will include 1) Displaying your products, 2) Artist identification, 3) Meeting the potential buyer, 4) Who are potential buyers, 5) what's your sales pitch, and more.

I have been in various woodcarving activities since 2004.  I am a member of the Northstar Scrollers, Viking Woodcarvers, Lake Area Carvers, and an elected member of the Board of Directors of SAW (Scrollsaw Association of the World).  Until recently, I have made woodcarving presentations to various clubs, teach classes in basic scrollsaw techniques, but mostly Intarsia in Minnesota and surrounding states, and do mentoring whenever asked.  I retired in 1999 from a major corporation as Manager of world wide Education & Training, plus being a District Sales Manager, and Regional Sales Manager..  Prior to that, I administered programs for ALPART of Jamaica, and prior to that 16 years of post secondary public training In Vocational/Technical Schools.

November 15 - Carve 6 Ornaments From One Pattern by Marty Leenhouts
This presentation will give you all the help you need to chip carve 2014 ornaments for your entire family! I'll show you how easy it is to take one pattern and chip carve six unique 2014 ornaments all from the same pattern. You'll see how to quickly apply the pattern to the wood and make all of the cuts to remove each chip along with how to carve the numbers "2014". I'll explain how to apply a finish to multiple ornaments. We will use the projector so everyone can see how to complete this project.

Marty Leenhouts is the owner of My Chip Carving and author of Chip Carving Essentials. His video lessons have been viewed over one million times. He lives in Garden City, MN, and also owns Red Barn Retreats. Check out Marty's web site at:

December 20 - Christmas party
For the program, club member LaVerne Schettl will give a presentation about some of her Nativity sets that she has created. LaVerne has created Nativities from wood, sweet potatoes and other media. Plan now to see LaVerne's creativity and learn about new carving materials!  This is our annual "pot-luck" Christmas party so please bring your favorite Christmas food/treat to share at our party. We'll probably eat starting around 9:00am so you might think of it as "brunch"...

January 17 - A Carving meeting - bring your carvings to work on during the meeting time.

Join us at this monthly club meeting for a club member "Carve-In" where we bring our tools and carving projects to work on at the club meeting. Let's try something different and see how this works!

February 21 - Segmentation by Matt Zarling

March 21 - Organizational meeting for the Annual Show -
We'll use this club meeting to discuss all the parts of planning for and having our annual woodcarving show. Several club members will be reporting on how the show is coming together. If you have any questions about the show, bring them to the meeting and get answers!

April 18 - Fan Bird Carving by Norm Busta -
Join us at this monthly meeting to find out how Norm turns a block of wood into a bird! Norm retired from the construction trades after many decades. He started carving in 2002.
We (Dorrine and I) are amazed at how many great people we have met in carving!

May 16 - Create It In Clay, Carve It In Wood by Everett Ellenwood -
Ev Ellenwood will show us how he uses clay to create a model of what he wants to carve in wood. Clay is forgiving as you create the model. You can add to it, subtract from it, and easily change it until you have the design you like. Doing this will normally give you exactly what you want and save time as you carve your creation. Ev is one of the early club members. He was club president in 1987 through 1989. He has taught throughout the United States and has created two DVD's; "Beginning Woodcarving" and "Sharpening Simplified", both of which have been sold throughout the world. He has written two books; "The Complete Book of Woodcarving", which is in its 7th printing, is on Fox Chapels best selling list, and had been translated into Chinese and German. His other book is "Woodcarving Techniques and Projects for the First Time Carver", which has been translated into German.

June 20 - Picnic - outside at Orononco Park in Oronoco, MN - 10:00am to 2:00pm - Note the special location and start time! Note: those driving from Rochester, MN will likely use Highway 52 North, take the exit for County Road 12/112/100th St NW, proceed East and follow 2nd Avenue SE into Oronoco. You might want to study the map to orient yourself with this park location. For this special location meeting, we'll meet at the Oronoco Park in Oronoco, MN for an outdoor picnic! The Rochester Woodcarvers Club Officers & Board of Directors will be providing and grilling hamburgers and bratwursts (including the buns...) Everyone else should bring something to share and make this a "pot-luck" picnic. Note this is a special start time and we'll plan to eat lunch about noon. Feel free to come early to visit and stay late to talk! Please invite your spouse, family, friends and neighbors - visitors are always welcome! Remember to bring your "Show and Tell" items! There will be NO library at the park so save your books to exchange for the July meeting.

July 18 -
Planning and designing a carving using more than one species of wood by Trent Busch - I will show how to create a cutting pattern using free programs that are available on the internet.  We will take a sketch or photo and turn it into an accurate line drawing that will be used to create your carving.  I will discuss ways to orient your wood selection to ease the carving process and how to look for various colors of wood based upon how they finish. In addition, I will show how to glue up the various pieces in order to create a cohesive blank ready to carve. Trent Busch - I am a design engineer by day, carver by night. I learned woodcarving in Rochester, MN. in 1999. I attended a beginner's woodcarving class taught by Ev Ellenwood and have been carving ever since.  I am always experimenting and interested in learning and sharing new techniques and methods of carving.

August 15 -
Photographing Carvings by Nick Poleschuk
- I will be showing the setup and equipment I use to take pictures of my sculpted leaf pendants and my eggshell sculptures. I will talk about backgrounds that can be used, lighting the carving and camera setup.I will present some basics on camera operations and suggested settings for taking the pictures. I was first exposed to woodworking watching my dad in his shop. I started becoming more serious about woodworking in Junior High and High School where I took woodshop classes. In High School I also started getting involved with taking 35mm pictures using an Argus C3. After graduating college I moved to Rochester. In Rochester I became more involved with woodworking and photography. I got involved with the Rochester Woodcarvers Club in the early 1980’s. In 1995 I purchased a high speed engraver and started sculpting eggshells. I started selling my eggshell sculptures in the early 2000’s and needed to take pictures of them so I purchased my first digital camera. I have upgraded my photography equipment a few times since then. My pictures have been on magazine covers, on TV and in newspapers.

2013-2014 Monthly Meeting Program Topics

September 21 - Carving Whimsical Bark Houses using an "Evolutionary Design" approach by Denny Schuster
The presentation will describe the evolution of creating a whimsical house from the bark of the cottonwood tree.  Since I subscribe to a "No design before its time" philosophy in my approach to bark houses, I'll show how I use the bark to give me a clue as to the placement and scale of the house(s).  With this high level concept and two (2) fundamental rule, I'm able to begin roughing out the bark house and evolving the design to a finished project.

I had my first carving instruction from Jen Jansen in a Beginning Carving class at Snow Daze in 2001.  Since I was still working, I was able to only take 1-2 classes a year through 2005.  Since I was now no longer working, I joined the Viking Woodcarvers of Minnesota club and began carving regularly Thursday mornings at Woodcraft in Bloomington.  During this time, I would take acanthus carving classes from Izzo Becic, Charley Jahn and Hans Sandom.  Subsequently, I began to take classes in other styles, including bark classes from Karen Henderson and Rick Jensen.  After these bark classes, I was still indifferent to bark carving.  However, I had an opportunity to participate in a small, private 3 day 'carving in the round' class with Rick Jensen.  From that time forward, I was hooked on whimsical bark houses.  In 2010, I took 3 bark house projects to the International Woodcarvers Congress, a judged competition.  To date, this has been my only judged competition and I was awarded a ribbon on each project.  I was surprised and elated with the results. 

During this time, I began teaching Community Ed 'Beginning Carving' classes.  I was approached to teach home schooled kids, aged 7 - 13, on how to carve.  I have now taught well over 100 young people in this age range to carve safely and care for their carving tools.  Also, several of my CE adult students were looking to do more carving and I began to host carving sessions in my home where I introduced them to bark carving.  With a great deal of encouragement, I began offering whimsical bark house carving classes and truly enjoy teaching.

I have also served as president of the Viking Woodcarvers and am currently the treasurer of the North Star Scrollers.

October 19 - POWER CARVING by Bob Nowicki

Bob will discuss the pro's and con's of carving with small power tools (Dremel and the like), health and safety, care and feeding of your tools, preferred bits, woods, etc.  Bring your power tools, bits, and projects currently under way if you have any. Bob has been carving with power tools since 1979 and a member of the Rochester Woodcarvers since 1980. He has been a past president and board member of the club as well. Bob retired from IBM and most recently from the Rochester City Council (again!) and hopes to spend more time making sawdust.

November 16 - What is Chip Carving? by Marty Leenhouts

Marty will explain the techniques of chip carving, show samples of finished pieces, explain the limited number of tools needed to get started, and demonstrate how to chip carve. He will explain how you can achieve good results in a short period of time. A question and answer time will follow.

Marty Leenhouts is a professional chip carver and owns Marty has been chip carving for 28+ years and claims to be able to teach anyone how to chip carve. His YouTube videos have been viewed over 750,000 times and his reach extends around the world. He also writes a regular article on chip carving for Carving Magazine. Marty and his wife also own, a retreat center that primarily serves quilters and scrapbookers. They live in Garden City, MN.

December 21 - no meeting

January 11 - My Wood Carving Creativity Process by Russell Scott

At the January 2014 meeting of the Rochester Woodcarvers club, I will talk about my wood carving creativity process. I will bring many samples and talk about how I came up with the ideas to carve them. If time permits, I will demonstrate my drawing process while I create a figure from scratch.

Russell Scott is from Saint Paul, Minnesota and has been carving since January 1999. He focuses mainly on carving human figures, ranging from holiday figures, cowboys and female figures. He has received awards at carving shows, county and state fairs, and national carving contests. He is a member of the Viking, Lakes Area (Forest Lake), Rochester and the Cannon River Wood Carving Clubs. He often teaches woodcarving classes and has instructional DVDs and books and videos on YouTube.

Check out Russell's web information at:

February 15 - Creating a World Class Piece by Ben Manor
Ben will provide an in-depth look at what it takes to construct a large realistic animal carving for competition. Details will include:
  • Reference materials
  • Composition
  • Original pattern
  • Special Tools
  • Materials
  • Cut-outs
  • and more
and be followed by a Question and Answer session.

Ben has 35 years of carving experience. He has participated in carving competitions/shows throughout the mid west. Ben's most recent awards include:
  • January/February 2012 "Wilderness Wanderer" standing grizzly bear was featured on the front page of Wood Carving Magazine
  • Peoples Choice Award 2013 at the Inter-National Congress Wood carving show with his carving "Timberline Royalty"

March 15 - Connecting With Caricatures by Terry Johnson

Terry will talk about his experience in carving caricatures including:
  • Why I Carve Caricatures
  • Design
  • Tools, Carving Aids, and Sharpening
  • Techniques and Tips for Carving
  • Miniatures
  • Painting & Finishing
  • Displaying Your Caricature
and be followed by a Question and Answer session.

Terry is a retired pipefitter/pipeline welder and has been carving for 30 years.  He specializes in caricature carving and is best known for carving miniature caricatures.Terry is a member of the Rochester Woodcarvers and the Affiliated Wood Carvers.

April 26 (1 week later than normal for Easter) - Rebecca Hanna - "Norwegian Folk Art: Is it in the Genes?"
Rebecca will briefly describe how she started carving and how she eventually found her passion in the world of Norwegian folk art. She will deliver a presentation on her favorite things to carve – ale bowls. She will bring a display of items she has carved. Several slides of items that cannot be transported will be also be shown.

Rebecca will briefly describe how she started carving and how she eventually found her passion in the world of Norwegian folk art. She will deliver a presentation on her favorite things to carve – ale bowls. She will bring a display of items she has carved. Several slides of items that cannot be transported will be also be shown.

May 17 - Field trip to Church of Saint Michael, 451 5th Street Southwest, Pine Island, MN 55963 to see Ivan Whillock carvings
Field Trip to St. Michael's Catholic Church"
Carvings by Ivan Whillock
Ivan Whillock, Chris Whillock and LaVerne Schettl
Our first "destination" meeting will be held at St. Michael's Church in Pine Island on May 17, 2014 at 9:00am.
Our regular meeting topics including coffee and donuts and "Show and Tell" will be held in the lower level of the church. We'll then proceed upstairs where Ivan Whillock will discuss his inspiring depiction of the 14 stations of the cross, carved in butternut. You won't want to miss this!
There will be no library book return or check out during this field trip meeting. Save your books till later...
Think about car pooling - set up your own plan with your club members....

June 21 - Indoor "Picnic" - SPECIAL START TIME - 10:00AM to noon

Join us for this annual event where we celebrate good friends, good food and good carvings. We'll be inside so no bugs, no rain, no wind and no worries! Bring your favorite summer food item to share and enjoy a variety of potluck foods. The club will provide plates, plastic silverware, cups/glasses, napkins and beverages. New this year - the club will provide hot dogs, buns and condiments! Remember to invite your spouse, family, friends and neighbors - visitors are always welcome. We will have the "Show and Tell" carving table so bring your work to display. Steve and Lori have offered to support the library exchange the best they can during our picnic so you can return and check out library books at the picnic.

July 19 - no meeting

August 16 - Coloring Your Carvings Using Oil Pencils and Water Based Stains by Kathy Ward

The presentation will be an actual demonstration of Kathy coloring her "Bushel of Apples" relief carving.  She will be using oil pencils & water based stains, a technique that creates rich and vibrant colors. Kathy started carving in 2002.  In her quest for wanting to be able to color her carvings without having to paint them, she stumbled across this process by trial and error and has used it ever since.  She has received ribbons at carving shows and county fairs.  She is a member of the Rochester Woodcarvers and the Affiliated Wood Carvers.

2012-2013 Monthly Meeting Program Topics

September 15- Woodspirit Carving by Chris Whillock. Chris Whillock will demonstrate carving a woodspirit walking stick, step-by-step, sharing simple techniques on how you can create these whimsical designs on your own. He will have a variety of samples of other spirit carvings for you to view. Chris Whillock operates a tool and supply business ( in Faribault, Minnesota. He is also current editor of CARVING Magazine, a nationally distributed carving publication.

October 20 - Carving Kubbestols (Norwegian Chairs) and Mantles by Terry Brugger
. Terry will tell us how he got started woodcarving and quickly developed his design and carving skills to create kubbestols, fireplace mantles and other complex projects. (By the way - kubbestols are chairs made from a solid log, hollowed, shaped, seasoned and carved with detailed designs.) Terry retired five years ago and while looking for something new to do, he discovered woodcarving and has had a passion for this hobby for the past three years. Plan now to attend this meeting and let him share his experiences and enthusiasm for carving with you!

November 17 -
How to burn wood without any smoke! by Lori Murray. Come hear how Lori began wood burning and how she found out it’s not just for wood any more. There are different styles of burning as well as different techniques to use depending on what you are going to burn on. Learn some tips for burning on wood as well as other mediums to burn on such as paper, plexiglas, leather, and canvas. Lori was interested in wood burning as a child. Then after about 30 years, in 2003, she found her interest in it again and was excited about the things that can be done with temperature regulation and new mediums to burn on.

December 15 - Christmas Party  - SPECIAL START TIME - 10:00AM to noon

January 19 - Whittling Little Folk by Harley Refsal.
Following a brief description of what inspired him to  write his latest book, 'Whitling Little Folk', Harley will  tell us how these little folk have affected his own work and the classes he teaches. He will demonstrate (with the help of a video camera) how Whittling Little Folk have been turning some heads. Born and raised on the farm near Hoffman, Minnesota settled  by his Norwegian immigrant grandparents, Harley has  been working with wood pretty much all his life: making stick horses &  slingshots; building tree forts; and carving.  He has worked at Luther  College in Decorah since 1972; in Campus Ministry, International Education, teaching Norwegian language, and since 1988,teaching  Norwegian Folk Art and Scandinavian Fine Handcraft as a professor in  the college's Art Department.  Since the mid 1980s he has taught carving courses throughout North America, as well as in Norway, Sweden and Iceland; has authored  several books on Scandinavian-style flat plane figure carving; and in 1996 was decorated by Norway's King Harald V, receiving the St Olav's  Medal, in recognition of his contributions to Norwegian and  Norwegian-American culture... especially figure carving.

February 16 - Carving a Stone's Sheep by Ben Manor.
Join us as award winning carver Ben Manor will tell us how he develops a carving from initial design, pattern, assembly of the sheep blank, assembly of the habitat blank, actual carving and finishing of the project. This Stone's Sheep carving is built from 260 pieces of wood (not counting the dowels) and is 32" high. Ben will show photos of each carving stage finished so far and describe how he will complete the work.

March 16 - Large Carousel Carvings by Bill Stark.  Wabasha, MN carver Bill Stark says that he has been a "professional chisel pusher" for over 40 years and has had an opportunity to carve an incredible variety of objects for local and world-wide customers.You can see some of Bill's work at LARK Toys in Kellogg, MN in, on, and around the rideable carousel operating there.This will be a highly interactive session so make sure you bring your questions for Bill on how he creates these amazing sculptures!

April 20 - Exposure to Intarsia by Dave Daniel. Dave will cover the history of Intarsia, the modern application, selection of wood, use of patterns, use of the scroll saw, cutting and shaping techniques, various adhesives, sanding, and final finishing. Dave will also bring a selection of various exotic and domestic wood samples, adhesives, and finishes. He will display a few of his finished pieces! Dave started wood working after retirement. He constructed his first piece in 2001 and progressed to the Master Class through trial and error and various competitions. As a snowbird in Arizona, Dave instructed almost 200 people in Beginner and Advanced classes. His greatest satisfaction is seeing the joy and surprise on the face of students as they discover the beauty hidden in the wood.
Find Dave's information about intarsia here (click on the following links):Dave Daniel - BEGINNER INTARSIA CLASS.pdf

May 18 - Spring Indoor "Picnic" -
SPECIAL START TIME - 10:00AM to noon

2011-2012 Monthly Meeting Program Topics

September 17- Karen Henderson - Carving Treenware from Green Wood
October 15 - Ev Ellenwood - Sharpening - How to get a razor edge on your carving tools
November 19 - Ken Magnuson - History of Rosemaling
December 17 - Christmas Party  - SPECIAL START TIME - 10:00AM to noon
January 21 - Ben Manor - Carving Wildlife
February 18 - Kent Duff - Decorative Decoy Carving
March 17 - Kathy Ward - Using oil based colored pencils to "paint" a carving
April 21 - Denise Walser-Kolar - Painting Carvings (rescheduled from March 17)
Denise will demonstrate painting wood carvings using acrylic paint and various acrylic media to get different effects (including subtle shading). Brushes and materials will be discussed.Denise is a botanical artist who has exhibited at international juried shows. She is a member of The American Society of Botanical Artists and The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. Her botanical art can be seen on her website at Her mother's side of the family is Norwegian and her dad is from Austria, and she has always been interested in the folk art of both countries. She is a rosemaler specializing in the Hallingdal style and, while she doesn't know how to carve wood (she did try to learn), she usually comes back from trips to Austria and Germany with a new carving in her possession. Denise has been honored to be asked to paint carvings for many area carvers and has developed techniques that are reminiscent of the European style of painting carvings.
See Denise's summary of her presentation on this outline - click here for the outline.
Howie Wilson also created notes from Denise's presentation - click here for his notes.
May 19 - Spring Indoor "Picnic" -
SPECIAL START TIME - 10:00AM to noon

2010-2011 Monthly Meeting Program Topics

September 18- Fred Cogelow - Cogelow design and carvings
October 16 - Maureen (Moe) Brand - Bird Carving
November 20 - Ev Ellenwood
December 18 - Christmas Party
January 15 - Ivan Whillock - Traditional Carving Techniques - Check out Ivan's web site at:
February 19 - Randy Kinnick - The Eagle has (almost) Landed - a restoration of a large chainsaw carving
March 19 - Denise Dupras - Photography: Journey with a Loon-A-Tic -
April 16 - Curtis Ingvoldstad - Chainsaw carving- cell 612-419-4296, home 651-917-8350
MNartists site:
May 21 - Spring Indoor "Picnic", 9:00am - 11:00am

2009-2010 Monthly Meeting Program Topics

September 19- Flute maker and musician - Lakota George
October 17 - Old World Master - European Woodcarving - Konstantinos Papadakis  - Check out his web page at:
November 21 - Carve-In - bring your tools and projects to the church for a carving session
December 19 - Christmas Party
January 16 - Engraving - Nick Poleschuk - CANCELLED because of a conflict at the church meeting room
February 20 - Carving to Preserve the Past - Dick Krom (originally scheduled as "
Carve-In" was replaced with the presentation by Dick Krom.)
March 20 - No club meeting because of our show schedule
March 20-21 - 34th Annual Woodcarvers Show - 4H Building, Olmsted County Fairgrounds
April 17 - Engraving - Nick Poleschuk - rescheduled from January
May 15 - Spring Indoor "Picnic", 9:00am - 11:00am

2008-2009 Monthly Meeting Program Topics

September 27- Face carving demo - Ev Ellenwood
October 18 - Carving Magazine Tips & Techniques - Part 2 - Chris Whillock
November 15 - A History of the Festival of Trees - Hiawatha Homes and Rochester Woodcarvers
December 20 - Christmas Party
January 17 - Fish Carving and Painting - Norm Busta
February 21 -
Small Sculptures, Netsuke and Ojime - Janel Jacobson
Janel Jacobson will be our February (Saturday, February 21, 2009) meeting speaker and teach us about Small Sculptures, Netsuke and Ojime. These photos are just a small sample of the wide variety of carvings that Janel has completed. Check out Janel's web site at:
March 21 - Display and Presentation of your work - Shawn Bakken
March 28-29 - 33rd Annual Woodcarver's Show - 4H Building, Olmsted County Fairgrounds
April 18 - Auction and Interest Stations
May 16 - Spring Indoor "Picnic", 9:00am - 11:00am